Design inspired by lavender fields that are often found in Palestine. Popping purple, yellow, green and earth tones on a black background


Soft cotton. Biggest size on the market, 47” by 47”, over 15 sq. ft. of awesomeness. Made on a custom keffiyeh loom and finished by hand


Because Hirbawi is the real deal, a kufiya made by the last factory that has been making them for decades. By purchasing from us you contribute to keeping this tradition alive


Hand wash or gentle machine wash preferably in delicates bag, line dry.

Customer Reviews

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Kara Johnson
Beautiful, high quality, and functional all at once

These are great for almost any kind of weather. I have worn them in the sun, on cooler hikes, etc. They are so beautiful and well made. I will continue to support Hirbawi.

John Robertson
THE best!

I have been using and wearing these since 1981/2 and won;t be without one, these are by far the best I have ever had. I bought 2, and the black on white is heavier than the white on black and I am glad I ended up with 2 different weights, it gives me even more versatility. Highly, highly recommended.

Just perfect ❤️

The (Palestinian Flag) kufiya I received is beautiful and definitely a genuine Hirbawi. The price is great and the shipping was lighting fast! I look forward to the conversations it will encourage.Thank you!

G. C. Ritter
The seller provides great service. I highly recommend the product

This is an extreme high quality product -- not some cheap knock off. The seller provides great service. I highly recommend the product, the seller, everything associated with this. I wear it with pride!