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The city of Akka holds a special place in the hearts of many Palestinians. It is a city steeped in history and cultural significance, with roots that go back thousands of years.

Akka is a city of resilience and resistance. Despite centuries of foreign occupation and domination, the people of Akka have always managed to maintain their unique cultural identity and their connection to the land.

For Palestinians, Akka is a symbol of the unbreakable spirit of the Palestinian people. The city has survived wars and invasions, and through it all, the people of Akka have continued to celebrate their rich cultural heritage and traditions.

In recognition of the city's importance, Hirbawi Kufiya has dedicated a special kufiya design to Akka. This design features the traditional black-and-white pattern of the kufiya, but incorporates elements that are specific to the city and its history. By dedicating a kufiya to Akka, Hirbawi is paying homage to the city's rich cultural heritage and its enduring spirit.

Why Hirbawi?

By buying Hirbawi, you contribute to keeping the tradition of artisanal weavers alive, the last factory in Palestine and pretty much the rest of the region. You get to own a legendary piece of everyday accessories from the factory that started counting its 7th decade of operation. Read more here

What is Hirbawi Kufiya like?

Oh...Soft cotton. Most likely the biggest you can find, 47” by 47”, which is over 15 sq. ft. of awesomeness. Made on a custom kufiya loom and finished by hand.


Hand wash or gentle machine wash preferably in delicates bag, line dry. For more dedicated approach click here


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Customer Reviews

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Christina Cheng

Amazing quality, beautiful. Received quickly.

Manal Hamzeh
Best Kufyya

Thank you for your made in Palestine items and amazing service

Chase Burtch

Amazing quality, wonderfully made, I will cherish this for a long time. My heart goes out to all of you and I hope you are safe.

Caitlin Clarke
I thought I was buying directly from Hirbawi USA

I was surprised when this came in an Amazon bag, since I go to great pains to avoid Amazon vendors. Will only buy from the Hirbawi site in Germany from now on.

Mahdi Islam

Wanted Mediterranean Blue but it was sold out. Went with aka I did not notice the pink in the color pattern. Which I don't like. But the quality is superior to most shemagh I have purchase. Just wish they had all the shemagh in stock that are on the site.