Soft cotton. Biggest size on the market, 47” by 47”, over 15 sq. ft. of awesomeness. Made on a custom keffiyeh loom and finished by hand


Because Hirbawi is the real deal, a kufiya made by the last factory that has been making them for decades. By purchasing from us you contribute to keeping this tradition alive


Hand wash or gentle machine wash preferably in delicates bag, line dry.

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S Malhotra

Maybe my favorite cos of the amount of embroidery. Beautiful and unusual color combo—- I love the geographic parts of this project but mostly how it preserves identity with creativity

Akaash Rishi
Good memory

I brought this to remember Yasser Arafat. I saw him through the veil and he said to keep up the good work.

Simon Crane
Best quality available today...

I have several Kufeyah/Shemagh/Keffeyeh/hatta. Some I have had for a while, but lately, in the depths of the whole COVID-19 thing, I have been adding to my collection with some from Amazon, and reviews of those are elsewhere (Free Soldier Shemagh - Black and White set amongst others) Although facemasks make little difference - akin to using a sock as a condom. I deal with the public as a keyworker (Roadside Breakdown and Recovery) so occasionally have to use a face covering to soothe any fears that people I interact with 05/have. A Kufeyah is a good option (As are bandanas but not as warm)The ones I already have are made in China/India, and are actually pretty good FOR THE MONEY. Obviously price plays into any consideration, and for what I paid, I consider them good quality, worthy of their positive rating, and are still in rotation, along with 2 that I have had for over ten years (which are getting a bit tatty, but still fulfill their function and actually still look good.)Although a Kufeyah is a mostly functional item, which has evolved over many years to protect the wearer from harsh conditions in that part of the world. They have become a clothing staple, and synonymous with middle eastern fashion, and adopted by the rest of the world as a stylish and infinitely practical accessory. Including the military/tactical set. But ultimately the practicality is foremost. The Damask weaving technique is used because it increases the air trapping, comfort and sand filtering qualities while limiting the weight, which means you will always have the occasional thread pull, the odd bit of unraveling and a few imperfections. This will age the garment over the years, developing a character of its own. However, the ones I have had for a decade are still going, and these should last even longer. If you seek a pristine visual appearance, you would be better off with a Gucci shawl or a standard scarfI have included some images to show the differences between this genuine Hirbawi, and one of my others that I consider good quality.You’ll notice that the size difference. The Hirbawi is approx 60 mm or 2.5 inches larger all round, and measures the stated 47 inches.This allows for greater flexibility in wearing options.As you’ll see, the thread count is a little finer, and the embroidery is of a slightly better standard.Importantly, the tasseled edges are finished in a completely different fashion. Instead of gathering up a certain number of the loose threads from the weave, and knotting them at regular intervals. The Hirbawi has folded and overlocked edges, which then have a pre embroidered edging strip, with integrated tassels sewn on. This makes the edges almost indestructable and leads me to believe that this will have a very long life (the edges are where my old ones are failing)What the images dont show is just how soft the Hirbawi is, and how comfortable it is to wear and how nicely it drapes. As this is the genuine article, developed and manufactured for locals to fulfill a function, comfort would be high on the list of priorities, and the choice of cotton, and method of manufacture are all important. You just don’t get the same attention to detail and product knowledge on a copy made to look a certain way.Wash separately by hand till there is no further dye run off. I usually wash my shemaghs on a standard 40 degree wash having placed them in a mesh bag (the 25p produce bags you can find in the veg dept at Aldi are perfect) My other Shemaghs have survived this just fine. Initial new smell is similar to a new tent reminding me of past camping outings and certainly not offensive.These are, without doubt, superior items. The size, the look, the feel, the comfort and the colours are all better.This is reflected in the price, which is a bit steep. But the price will soon be forgotten, and considering the added benefits I’ve talked about is worth the extra IMO.Political considerations aside. I am glad that I purchased this Kufeyah. My decision was guided mainly by the fact that the manufacturer is an independant family concern. Human beings that actually make a product, superior to anything else I’ve managed to find with generations of experience to boot, so it’s a win-win.I’m already deciding which one I’ll be getting next. I’ll update this review over time. But I already think I’m going to be happy with them all...

Pro Palestine

I love it and wear daily to show support for Palestinian struggle against Zionist aggression and racism.

The best quality I’ve been shopping with them for years

Always am the best quality