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Nazareth is a historic town located in the Galilee region of Palestine, and holds significant cultural and religious significance for both Christians and Muslims.

For Christians, Nazareth is considered one of the holiest sites in the world, as it is believed to be the childhood home of Jesus. The town is renowned for its beautiful churches, stunning mosaics, and tranquil gardens, which attract visitors from far and wide.

However, Nazareth is also home to a large and vibrant Muslim community, and has a rich history and cultural heritage that extends far beyond its religious significance. The town has long been a center of trade and commerce, and is known for its bustling markets, lively street life, and delicious food.

Despite its religious diversity, Nazareth has always been a place where people of different backgrounds have lived and worked together in peace and harmony. This rich cultural tapestry has helped to make Nazareth the vibrant and dynamic town that it is today, and has inspired Hirbawi kufiya factory to dedicate a special kufiya to the town.

The Hirbawi Kufiya dedicated to Nazareth is a symbol of the rich history and cultural heritage of the region, and a testament to the resilience and strength of the Palestinian people. This kufiya serves as a reminder of the significance of Nazareth and its place in the hearts of the people who call it home.

Why Hirbawi?

By buying Hirbawi, you contribute to keeping the tradition of artisanal weavers alive, the last factory in Palestine and pretty much the rest of the region. You get to own a legendary piece of everyday accessories from the factory that started counting its 7th decade of operation. Read more here

What is Hirbawi Kufiya like?

Oh...Soft cotton. Most likely the biggest you can find, 47” by 47”, which is over 15 sq. ft. of awesomeness. Made on a custom kufiya loom and finished by hand.


Hand wash or gentle machine wash preferably in delicates bag, line dry. For more dedicated approach click here


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Nazareth Hirbawi® Kufiya

Tiffany M.
Great Products, Great Service

The nazareth was one of 3 designs i ordered. It looks just as beautiful in person as it does on the website. There was a shipping issue i inquired about, and the representatives were polite and speedy with their replies.


I gasped when I saw it in person. The colors are so beautiful. Grateful to be able to add this to my closet. 🍉🇵🇸


The products are quality, and the causes supported are important. This is a reliable company that serves an important cause!

This is the only authentic Palestinian keffiyah from the only remaining factory. All of the other Hirbawi factories have been driven out of business by counterfeits.


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