Olive Drab


This is the most magical kufiya out there! The colors shifts depending on the surrounding lighting conditions. At times we look at it and think that maybe we should rename it to Olive Gold, the color of delicious Palestinian unfiltered olive oil, but then when it's cloudy out Olive Drab works just fine. You tell us!


Soft cotton. Biggest size on the market, 47” by 47”, over 15 sq. ft. of awesomeness. Made on a custom keffiyeh loom and finished by hand


Because Hirbawi is the real deal, a kufiya made by the last factory that has been making them for decades. By purchasing from us you contribute to keeping this tradition alive


Hand wash or gentle machine wash preferably in delicates bag, line dry.


Customer Reviews

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Edward C
High quality

Very happy with my purchase. Quality, workmanship, and as described.
Will be getting another soon, maybe today! Thanks

Marti Sa
Lovely color

The olive drab is perfect! I like that this one just has the tassels on the corners, leaving the sides clean. Supporting this company is so important. As always, Hirbawi lives up to the quality they are known for!

Green or is it tan?

I thought the description of this color was bologna but truly the color does shift. This is the second kufiya I own. Planning on getting more for the Christmas season for friends. Amazingly practical for outdoor activities, especially the beach, hiking, or any activity in the direct sun for long periods of time (or cold wind). In the military everyone wore one in my team until they were worn through but these are such better quality. You won’t be disappointed.


Enthusiastically joyed to own this fine shemagh.I don't know if there is a finer one on the market and ordering another right now.When worn properly a friend for any outdoorsman.Its worth the extra coin.

Amazon Customer
Worth the extra money

Keffiyeh is very well-made and has a Hirbawi tag stitched in so you know it’s legit. I am very pleased with this purchase and plan to buy another another one.