Making of Abu Dis Hirbawi Kufiya

Making of Abu Dis Hirbawi Kufiya

We know that all of you were very excited about the Hirbawi Al Quds kufiya, so we were about to make some more. And then this beautiful mistake happened. One of our Hirbawi superstars picked and fed the wrong yarn to the machine, and this gorgeous creation started to appear in the loom. Just when we were about to scrap it, we decided against it.

Abu Dis  

The name Abu Dis, however, is not accidental. Abu Dis is a Palestinian village in Jerusalem Governorate bordering Jerusalem (Al Quds in Arabic). Since there is such a close connection design-wise and considering the intention was to create Al Quds, we named this extraordinary new accident after a locality not far from Jerusalem.
Abu Dis is surrounded by deep valleys and is located on an ancient site. Ruins of buildings were found there, along with grape presses, caves, and cisterns to store rainwater.
But as we refuse all kinds of political attempts to substitute Al Quds (Jerusalem) with the city of Abu Dis, we will not accept it on ourselves to dub this Kufiya with the name Alquds. Instead, we call it Abu Dis. Named after an ancient Palestinian city located close to the city of Jerusalem. It is charming and beautiful, but clearly and in plain sight, Abu Dis is not our Alquds!
Without further ado we present you Hirbawi Abu Dis!

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